Depop Slogan - Photo Credit - Emily Rowe (yuppeemag)

Depop yo’ Cherry – What is Depop?

It’s basically an app that’s Instagram fused with eBay. Founded in Italy in 2011, the UK-based app allows users to create their own profile page, upload pictures of items they want to sell to their…

When Blogging destroys Friendship

What to do when your friend is a blogger. 1st case: you enjoy the blog so you read his/her posts, like them, share them and spread the love. Your friendship will last a lifetime. 2nd case:…

Top 5 Blogs To Follow If You Are A Girl

Forget about print magazines, these five blogs are going to inspire you in so many ways! These five successful bloggers from all over the world are followed just as much as Hollywood celebrities. These bloggers…

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