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Top 5 Irish Fashion Blogs to Follow

Since the rise of blogging in the past few years, it has become a career in its own right. From dishing out fashion and style advice to celebrity gossip, there's a blog for eveyone. Here we check out the top 5 irish fashion blogs you need to follow

A Funny Fan

The True Geordie’s brand of football analysis is best enjoyed on a Sunday evening, while unwinding and recovering from the weekend. Obviously a Newcastle fan, the very funny True Geordie doesn’t limit his revie...
Change. Photo credit: Robert Couse Baker (Flikr.com).

Go Forth and Embrace Change!

Everybody says that change is good. Which it is, but it's also scary as hell! Some people seek change, some fear it, some have change thrust upon them, but whatever the reason we will all go through major chang...