Europe Endless – Kraftwerk live in Bilbao

  Four solemn-looking figures hunched over computer terminals. A disembodied, robotic voice solemnly intoning the word “AU-TO-BAAAAHN”. Glacial computerized rhythms and gleaming synth lines slowly interweaving to paint technicolor-bright electronic soundscapes; who else could it be…

Copyright by Greame Robertson


Back In March, I went to the National Gallery of Photography and saw the Graeme Robertson: ‘Framing Perceptions’ exhibit. The exhibition featured photographs by the award-winning Guardian photographer Graeme Robertson, who visited Sight savers-supported social…

Aerial Acrobatics - Photo Credit Victoria Roren

Aerial Acrobatics – Taking Flight Dublin

Katrín Aagestad Gunnarsdóttir: The Acrobat. Hanging upside down from the silks gives her a thrill. She started doing Aerial Acrobatics when she moved to Dublin two months ago, and she has already done her first drop.  Watch…

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