Dr. Dublin art at the Duke Street Gallery- Image credit: Emma-Marie B. Whittaker

Meet the artist and collector Dr. Dublin

At number 14 Wexford Street, in Dublin, you’ll come across a shop that stands out amongst the rest. This is the Decor Furniture Gallery. Outside the shop you’ll find a myriad of different chairs piled…

Improv: More than Just Comedy

Improv Fest Ireland 2016 was described as “a great success” by festival director, Neil Curran. The fat various Dublin city centre venues including the Teachers’ Club Theatre and the Workman’s Club. Mr Curran, a veteran…

Europe Endless – Kraftwerk live in Bilbao

  Four solemn-looking figures hunched over computer terminals. A disembodied, robotic voice solemnly intoning the word “AU-TO-BAAAAHN”. Glacial computerized rhythms and gleaming synth lines slowly interweaving to paint technicolor-bright electronic soundscapes; who else could it be…

Copyright by Greame Robertson


Back In March, I went to the National Gallery of Photography and saw the Graeme Robertson: ‘Framing Perceptions’ exhibit. The exhibition featured photographs by the award-winning Guardian photographer Graeme Robertson, who visited Sight savers-supported social…

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