8 Years and Surviving

I believe life is hard but facing a situation is far better than running away from it. I was diagnosed with CML (Chronic myeloid leukaemia) when I was 19 years old. when I was diagnosed,…

Sad Face Photo Credit - ijustwanttobeperceivedthewayiam flickr

Anxiety: how it really feels

Mental illnesses are harder to explain than physical ones… If I was to try and explain the feeling of anxiety into something more physical, I believe it would be like this… Imagine going for a…

Lovers-Photo Credit Julian Mason (flickr)

What Women Want: A Guide For Boys This Valentines Day

    In the wake of the ever-dreaded Valentines day, there seems to be circulating, thousands of articles targeted at the ‘single ladies’ who are spending their day alone stereo-typically barricading themselves indoors with a…

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