Synne Sanden – Climbing the Rainbow

Photo: Linnea Syversen

The Norwegian artist Synne Sanden released her second album “Climbing The Rainbow» on the 15th of March and now in demand like never before.

“My dream is to live off music, continue to release records I stand for and constantly develop myself as an artist, said Synne to Ny Norsk Musikk.

Listen to her album on Spotify here.

Fear and beauty

In the interview with Ny norsk musikk Synne is talking about what her title song really is about.

“Title song “Climbing the Rainbow” is about how uncertain, brittle, brutal and at the same time, beautiful love can be. About how much influence and power it has, and how it can make you feel fear and beauty at the same time”.

Below you find the music video of ‘The King in my Kingdom’, another song that she released a few months ago.

In good company

Synne Sanden (22) released her first album “When Nobody’s Around” in 2011. Now she has released the sequel, and that to highly favorable reviews. When Synne is playing concerts she has a live band consisting of Henrik Schmidt, Julie Kleive, Lars Fremmerlid and Bendik Hovik Kjeldsberg. The latter two have also helped produced the album. On the record she’s also accompanied by talented musicians Thomas Dybdahl, Wallumrød, Turid Alida Solberg (Philco Fiction), Kari Harneshaug and Victoria Winge.

Visit Synne’s MySpace and Facebook.

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