Suspended coffee, goodness is spreading

Homeless man drinking coffee
Screenshot from Suspended Coffee's Facebook page

A couple of weeks ago this photo was going viral on Facebook. Along with it came a story about “Suspended Coffee”, a story that has spread the phenomenon right across the western world. To read the story, click here. To explain it briefly the story is about two friends in a coffee shop, watching people buy coffee. Every now and then someone asks to pay for a “suspended coffee” and one of the friends is wondering what that means, until a homeless man walks in and asks the barista, “do you have a suspended coffee?” and gets handed a coffee for free.

It is such a simple idea, and the world seems to be on board. What started as a phenomenon in Naples, Italy, is now spreading quickly with big chains joining in. And now it’s not just coffee, some places let you buy suspended food as well. Only days ago Starbucks UK announced they would be doing their own thing by giving the suspended coffees Oasis, a christian organisation working to help people who are marginalised. Oasis will then distribute these coffees through their UK hubs. Starbucks will also be matching every suspended coffee bought with a cash donation to Oasis to support their provision of food to people who need it. 

In Ireland 21 shops have signed up so far, some of them offering more than just coffee. To check out where you can buy a suspended coffee, visit their Facebook page.


See what the Twitterverse have to say about this

So easy to do, yet it can make a real difference to people who can’t afford a cup of coffee or something to eat for lunch. Not just because of the drink itself, but because someone, often a complete stranger, want them to know that they care.

So let’s all care together, and make this lovely idea spread to more places. Next time you buy a cup of tea or coffee for yourself, ask to buy a suspended coffee for someone who needs it. If the answer is that you can’t, ask why.

Do you think this is a good idea? Do you know of more places that do this? Please leave a comment in the section below!



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