Summer 2014. There’s so much to look forward to!


Maybe it’s the fact that the sun has finally shown itself or because there is the delicious smell of freshly cut grass once again… or maybe it’s simply because 986 of the 1000 assignments you have to do are done and dusted. Whatever the case may be Summer is coming. So here are some things to look forward to this summer of 2014.

Summer PhotoCredit Flickr: Moyan Brenn 


Tanning. Well potentially. Towel on the grass, the delicious smell of Hawaiian Tropic Tanning oil with an SPF of 2 (Yes you might as well be basting yourself in cooking oil, but who cares? You’ll make a fine lobster!)


Wearing shorts. Nothing says “Irish summer” than a girl in shorts ‘faux glowed’ to her eyeballs.


The country heads to the beach. “Was that the sun? Quick! Grab the cooler and the wind shield!” We’re all partial to running to the coast at the first signs of the sun. Surf towns on the West Coast instantly become black with people.


Loads of outdoor concerts and festivals to enjoy!


Kings of Leon and Kodaline

Macklemore and Ellie Goulding

Electric Picnic


Ice Pops.


Summer Blockbusters – there’s nothing better to sooth unforgiving sunstroke than a bottle of Aloe Vera and a trip to the cinema. You may glow in the dark, but people are more preoccupied with the latest Transformers offering and you go unnoticed.


Riverfest an annual event but this year is incorporated as part Limerick City of Culture. It’s always a great weekend. It runs throughout the city next weekend from the 2nd – 5th of May.




Sun PhotoCredit Flickr: James Wheeler

Roadtrips – to the beach. Duh.


Playlists off all the song you associate with summer.

Calvin Harris’ new song Summer is bound to be the anthem of summer 2014

Funderland, general fun fair banter.

Bulmers. Nuff said.

Corona/Sol/Desparados. Nothing like a wedge of lemon or lime in any of these bottled beverages to get that taste of summer.

Wishful thinking in regards to weather and being hopeful we gat a few weeks of glorious sunshine á la Summer 2013.

Us MAJs maybe doing out thesis, it maybe a long tumultuous experience, we may not get to go abroad but there’s plenty to look forward to this summer.

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