Study abroad guide: Packing list for people living in tropical wet and dry or savanna climate countries

Oreoluwa Aremo

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Travel Plan (Yosomono Flickr)
Travel Plan (Yosomono Flickr)

Preparing for my trip to Dublin, Ireland was exciting and a little confusing. I wasn’t sure of what to pack and things to take along with me, but anyway, we thank God daily for google right? I was able to find a website (can’t remember the name right now) that had a list and was disappointed that no Nigerian blogger had a packing list guide post online or maybe I didn’t search well enough.

I followed the packing list and I packed extra; someone can never be too sure you know.

Packing (Karl Baron Flickr)
Packing (Karl Baron Flickr)

The study abroad packing list;

Underwear (two weeks worth)
Socks (two weeks worth)
Long sleeves shirts
Sweatshirt / hoodie (2 -3)
Jeans /Khakis (2 -3 pairs)
A set or two of workout clothes
Coats /Jackets
At least one nice outfit for formal occasions
flipflops / sandals
Sneakers / dress shoes / boots / rain boots
Cold weather gear (ie gloves / mittens / hats / scarfs)
Note please that some of the things above I got them here for some reasons.

Now, my personal advice for people in tropical wet and dry or savanna climate like my beloved country Nigeria

A view from the Sheraton Hotel. Abuja Nigeria (Jeff Attaway Flickr)
A view from the Sheraton Hotel. Abuja Nigeria (Jeff Attaway Flickr)
  • Please have yourself tested for Malaria and get drugs for it too. I know of someone in my college  that was quarantined when he got ill here. Was not a serious issue, but they wanted to be really sure of what was wrong with the guy since he was coming from a foreign country and he was not happy about it.
  • Know more about the country’s weather and carry mentholated cream such as rubb. I have battled with an unattractive flu and with the drugs coupled with robb, I was fine in few days.
  • If you are in Lagos, go to eko market and buy many pashminas to protect your neck during the cold season.
  • Leave all your chiffons and light clothes behind because you just might not need them; their warm isn’t our warm to be honest.
  • Prepare your body and soul to avoid culture shock and again;  do not forget to read about the country you are to study in.
  • Keep a journal if you can.

Finally, the International Marketing Officer of Griffth College Dublin , Michael Galvin has three words for international students coming from savanna climate countries to study in Dublin:

Bring warm clothes.

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