Stromae, A Music Artist On The Rise

Stromae, Photo credit: Peter Huys
Stromae, Photo credit: Peter Huys
Stromae, Photo Credit: Peter Huys

You may not have heard about this extremely talented and gifted Belgian artist and yet his last single “Formidable” hit more than 70 million views on YouTube. The name of the artist reflects pretty well his originality and creativity as the word Stromae is the syllabic inversion of maestro.

The artist started his career as a rapper, before changing his musical style to a unique and astonishing music genre. The two albums released so far combine songs with a mixture of different musical genres, from hip hop and folk music to electronic music.

The 29 year old artist first got media attention in 2010 with his hit song “Alors on Danse” (“So We Just Dance”). 3 years after his successful debut album Cheese released in 2010, Stromae released another deep and emotional album entitled Racine Carrée; with this second opus the artist to won a number of awards: “Best Belgium artist” at the MTV Europe Music Awards and “best French-speaking male artist” at the NRJ music awards.

Listen to  “Alors on danse”:

His second album was well received by the critics for its deep and moving themes. The half Belgian and half Rwandan artist created a masterpiece mixing electronic music with strong and poignant lyrics.

The artist released songs dealing with serious and taboo topics, such as cancer (“Quand c’est?”) breakup and depression. The single “Formidable” (wonderful) tells the story of a man being depressed after a painful breakup, and rejecting the commodities of societies; he rejects the notion of marriage and offers a pessimistic view on life: “you were wonderful, I was so pathetic”.

The music video for this song was shot in the streets of Brussels where he impersonated a drunken person. Soon after the release of “Formidable” the artist was compared to the notorious and well respected French artist Jacques Brel. The reason for the comparison with the artist is the emotion delivered in his songs.

If you don’t know this artist, he is definitely worth listening to.

Listen to formidable (with subtitles):


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