Dublin Street, Photo Credit - Ramya

Dublin Street,Photo Credit – Ramya

A few days ago, myself and a friend decided to take a walk out at night on the streets of Dublin. It was an impulse thing little did we know what we were in for when we ventured out at night. It was on a cold Friday night and the street was full of homeless people some of them huddled together outside stores.  We walked along Dame street we found some volunteers handing out food to the homeless. All along the way I clicked pictures, as we walked towards Grafton street we came across some buskers Mario from Romania and Yuri Russia. They caught my attention with their jazz music we stopped for a little chat with them. The duo is a part of a band and perform out on the streets of Grafton during the weekends connected by their passion for music they have been practicing their art and performing for years.

Buskers Mario and Yuri - Photo Credit - Ramya

Mario and Yuri (Buskers)- Photo Credit – Ramya

As we proceeded further down the road we saw a homeless man we gave him some food and struck a conversation with him. He introduced himself as Cathan he was a tall man well built in his early 30’s. This guy is a school dropout but his awareness about the world is astonishing. He often spends time in the library he is well read. We probed him a little about the homeless situation in Ireland all of which he patiently answered. He told us that mostly he and his friends head out to central bank area for food and come back to Grafton street which he says is an ideal place to get a few cents.

Liffey river - Photo credit Liffey river - Photo credit Luis de Bethencourt, Flickr

Liffey river – Photo credit
Luis de Bethencourt, Flickr

Cathan talked about how risky it is for a homeless person to spend a night out on the streets as some people come out to the street just to abuse the homeless and helpless. We bid farewell to him and proceeded with our journey towards the Liffey river on our way we saw a dozen other homeless people the river was beautiful and calm I took it all in for a few moments clicked a few pictures along the way and headed back home after an interesting night out.

Custom House - Photo credit Ramya

Custom House – Photo credit Ramya