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South Circular Talks is a Light Entertainment Show created by  6 MA Journalism & Media Communications Students from Griffith College. The show was originally broadcast at 8.15pm on Thursday 24th Ocober 2013.The target audience being the students on campus and the residents of the surrounding D8 area.

The show begins with Food Blogger and Stylist Jette Virdi, who discusses how she got into blogging and how her chosen career has led her to working in exotic locations around the world. Our reporter Jacqui Ryan caught up with Staff member Max Selidman to tell us about the “Dress Up for Jacob” fundraiser this Halloween, where the staff and students will go to college in fancy dress. Max’s  son Jacob has  Autism and needs to go to America to undergo tests, so it is for a very good cause.

Finally, we have Bernie Doyle, the Head of Vet Services at the Blue Cross on the phone, advising how to keep your pets safe this Halloween. Giorgiana Urdea is in studio with her dog Oscar telling how she plans to keep him anxious free that night.

Please find the link to our show below!


Presenter :                                                   David Carscadden

Producer    :                                                  Giorgiana Urdea

Researcher/Reporter:                                Jacqui Ryan

Researcher/Producer                                Shane Corbett

Researcher/ Reporter                                Yuen Man Lo

Technician                                                     Eilis Sheehy


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