S’more Sweet Lovin’

Campfire and Smores - photo credit by Jennifer Rotner (Flickr)
Campfire and Smores - photo credit by Jennifer Rotner (Flickr)

Whether you’ve got a flame from a candle, an open fire or if you’re huddled around a camp fire, toasting marshmallows is enough to ignite a flame of joy in the coldest heart!

Bell X 1 told us “I want to be near you and drink in your light and toast marshmallows on a cold dark night.”


But the sweet marshmallow extravagance that is the s’more, takes the toasted marshmallow to a whole other level! At least that’s what I thought when I had my first  s’more during a recent trip to the states. However, in the USA, this is just a normal childhood rite of passage…


So, when I was lucky enough to find myself in rural Kentucky I got to experience this sacred rite of passage. One night, under the stars, huddled around a campfire surrounded by wonderful friends, I realised I want some more of this;  s’more lovin’ friendships, s’more new experiences, s’more nights under the stars…..

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