Construction has once again begun in Ireland’s capital city as sky scrappers adorn the skyline. However, Dublin’s historic and neglected buildings are left to fall into further disrepair. One such building is the Smithfield Market in Dublin 7. Steeped in history, the Victorian market dates back to the 1900’s. At over 600 square metres, the striking Victorian building is home to a number of fruit, vegetable and flower wholesalers.


Smithfield Flower Market, Dublin (Author's Own)

Smithfield Flower Market, Dublin (Author’s Own)

Dublin City Council plan to rejuvenate the Flower, Fruit and Vegetable market into an artisan style food hall, similar to the English Market in Cork. Plans to create a vibrant market in the north inner city are much needed as the surrounding areas continue to deteriorate.

Flower Arrangement in Joe Duffy's Flowers, Smithfield (Author's Own)

Flower Arrangement in Joe Duffy’s Flowers, Smithfield (Author’s Own)

Joe Duffy Flowers, are a third generation wholesalers who sell to traders and the general public from their stall in the market. I caught up with Joe on a Saturday morning when the market was pretty quiet, but he explained that the market was a vibrant hub for traders in the past.


Flower Display, Smithfield Flower Market (Author's Own)

Flower Display, Smithfield Flower Market (Author’s Own)

More information on the proposed works for the Smithfield Market can be found here.

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