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where is shanghai?

shanghai is a big city of china. if you using Google map search it, you will see it locate at east part of china, beside is east china sea. it is very close to Fukuoka (city of japan), just take about one hour flight. it’s also near Seoul (capital of south Korea), only 1.5 hour flight.

shanghai a city with inspiration:

Experience rich culture deposits, take tour to get into old house in shanghai:

Architecture often represents city’s name. When architecture builds and creates the city, it gives the city personality, make it alive, let society develop and allow civilization to get inherited.

Architecture based on culture deposits. Shanghai has its particular culture of construction, due to society background in old china and impact of western world construction culture, shanghai’s architecture reflect history of contemporary construction development; it combines oriental and western style. The culture and genre difference of construction has been performed well in shanghai city.

Many people barely know some stories behind history architecture. The development of shanghai construction during hundreds years, which has embraced creative ideas from china and abroad architect, gathered exquisite arts and crafts from highly skilled workers.
Paramount Party Room build in 1931- 1934

The famous people who visited and performed in paramount include ‘the Youth Marshal’ – china former General of the Army Zhang Xueliang, Former British comic actor Charlie Chaplin, and the engagement ceremony of Cheng Xiangmei and Claire Lee Chennault took place here.

A short history and backgrond of shanghai:
10 minutes to know about shanghai

from youku video
from youku video

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