Remember when you were a kid and you got that keyring with your name on it and it was the best thing ever? Yeah… I don’t.

Odd or interesting names are on the increase. Celebrities have a happy knack of naming their children after fruit, the weather or directions, and that’s great for them. However, 20 odd years ago these ‘unique’ names were unheard of, and growing up with one was pretty tough.

Whenever I would tell someone my name I would get a blank stare followed by a puzzled looking face. Then I would repeat it. And then repeat it again for them to get it. I’m sure all those out there in the same position as me can relate? Am I right?

What's your name? Photo credit: studio tdes (Flickr)

What’s your name? Photo credit: studio tdes (Flickr)

There was a lot of shit we had to deal with that you regular named folk didn’t. There are still things now that we have to put up with, and have all learned to deal with. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t a daily struggle however. The struggle is real.

My name is Pippa, and although now with Pippa Middleton’s famous arse and Pippa O’Connor’s stunning ways, the name has become somewhat popular, it wasn’t always in the limelight. The list of issues associated with it is still endless…

1. Nicknames

There are a million of them. Most of which thoroughly defeat the purpose of a nickname because they are longer than the actual name. Long or short though, weird names are generally easy to abbreviate. So friends, family, even strangers have a field day! For me, I get:  Pip, Pippi, Pippi Long stocking (really), Pipster, Pips. In fact, now that I think about it, I don’t remember the last time someone called me by my full name…

2.Booking over the phone

When booking things over the phone sometimes it’s just easier to lie about your name. I like to go with Mary. Otherwise you will most definitely have to spell it out, and who has that kind of time?

3.Never got things with your name on it

Remember when you were a kid and you got that keyring with your name on it and it was the best thing ever? Yeah… I don’t.  The jealousy we felt in gift shops when everyone around you could find their name on mugs, cards, books etc. and we couldn’t get something like that unless it was specially made, only making you stand out more, which as a child was the last thing you wanted.

4.People question where the name comes from all the time


5.Why parents picked them

I question what my parents were smoking when they decided to call me an uncommon name, considering the fact that both of them and my two older brothers have perfectly ordinary ones. Many claim that it’s because we’re ‘unique’. That’s a lie, in my experience there are only three reasons: They hated us at birth, they had such boring names that they said fuck it lets call him/her something mad, or they knew they were destined to be something cool. I like to go with the last option.

6.Starbucks is a nightmare

I know that almost everyone has difficulties in Starbucks with the names that appear on their coffee cup but imagine that feeling and then amplify it to your whole life? That’s how we feel. Some of the names that have been put on those white cups for me have been outrageous. Most recently it’s been Peppa. I swear that pig will be the death of me…

7.Wouldn’t change it for the world

Despite all the complaining, we wouldn’t change our names for the world. In fact, I love my name now and am proud to have it. Our weird and wonderful names make us stand out and be a little bit different, after all who wants to me normal?

Here are some of the weirdest celebrity names of all time, courtesy of!