Seven tells that you’re a boring person

Photo: Adam Bindslev
Photo: Adam Bindslev
Photo: Adam Bindslev
  1. Your reaction to friends cancelling plans is pure happiness. Or at least, relief. Perhaps you used to like spending time with your friends, but now you seem to be more content just staying in by yourself watching television. This is absolutely normal once in a while, but if you spend more time by yourself than with your friends, it may be a sign that you are well on your way to becoming a flat out boring person. Do something fun!
  2. Daily routines have taken over your life. Do you order the same food, go to the same restaurants, pubs, do you always shop in the same store? Isn’t it more exciting to try something new once in a while? Instead of staying with the good, old and comforting?
  3. You never travelMany agree that traveling, experiencing different cultures and meeting new people, is an essential part of life. People who are fun are always ready for something new, but boring people rarely do something outside their home country. For the boring people, it’s more about sleep and work. Try to make an effort in doing something that is simply new to you.
  4. When your friends asks what’s new with your, you say “nothing much”. If this is your go-to answer, this alone may be a sign that you are someone who does little, and is well on our way to becoming a boring person. Why don’t you try and do something that you can brag to your friends about later? Read a great book or learn a language.
  5. You constantly change the subject. If you do this, it’s because you know that you’ll soon run out of things to say. That can be awkward. Easy-going people don’t do that. They just let the conversation flow, and their inputs? Yeah, they just roll off their tongue. Know why? Because they are spontaneous creatures with an adventurous spirit – and they have plenty of amazing experiences to tell of.
  6. You are too uptightWell yes, being a professional and having that stern look is important. We all know it can get you up and away in this life, but it can also be boring. And super annoying to others. So take a chill pill. Look for great opportunities to tell that funny story from last weekend.
  7. You are a whinerYou whine about everything. Even the small things, that only last year would’ve made you laugh. The glass is supposed to be half full, don’t chug it just so you can say it’s empty.