Seven films to watch on the final week.

Divided in seven days and seven genres (Comedy, Horror, Action, Romance,Drama, Thriller and Crime), here are seven films to watch over the last week.

Monday: Horrible Bosses

A unique comedy that views three employees that want their bosses dead. This film provides a barrel of laughs and shows the comedic side of Kevin Spacey. Also this film will either make you forget about your stresses or consider yourself lucky you’re not  working for a psycho, nympho or tool

Tuesday: The Shining

Based on the Stephen King novel, this film views a writer going insane and plotting to murder his family. Today it still provides scares with Jack Nicholson’s frightening portrayal of the antagonist and the eerie twins who want his son to play with them.

red rum

Wednesday: Kick Ass

An action film that sees one kid trying to introduce a superhero into the real world. As well as some funny moments, this film also provides some great action sequences

Ass kick

Thursday: Crazy, Stupid, Love

Two men help each other out with their love lives as one middle aged man learns about the nightlife while a young man learns about love. This is a great romance film as it provides an interesting story arc and adds slickness in the romance genre.

Friday: The Social Network

A fictional view of the life of Mark Zuckerberg and how he invented Facebook. This drama provides quality acting combined with an amazing script and great music. It also shows how far one person can go if he knows the right people.


Saturday: The Dark Knight

While not a lot of people enjoy comics, they love Christopher Nolan’s action packed Batman trilogy. All three films are above average for thrillers but with a memorable opening scene, great cinematography and the late Heath Ledger offering his finest performance on screen, The Dark Knight takes the cake as the best of three.

Watch Ledger’s eerie yet great performance

Sunday: Seven

It’s appropriate to finish the seven day film fest with Seven another David Fincher creation (He also directed The Social Network). This crime film has suspense, a interesting duo of detectives  and an ending that would amaze you.


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