FIFA president Sepp Blatter - Image Credit: PAN Photo

FIFA president Sepp Blatter – Image Credit: PAN Photo

Controversial FIFA president Sepp Blatter is often described as something akin to a gangster and a new revelation about the politician would strengthen that reputation.

ESPN investigative series E:60 have made a documentary about Blatter and the upcoming World Cups in Russia and Qatar. It’s proven to be very insightful.

As well as painting a picture of the kind of man Blatter is through a bunch of interviews, viewers also find out that he’s wary of going to America and with good reason.

For Blatter is the subject of an FBI investigation. The famous American intelligence agency are working with a former senior American official at FIFA.

The awarding of the World Cup to Qatar was not only a decision that garnered press due to the timing of the tournament – midway through the European season – but also due to the human cost of their triumph. Thousands of migrant workers have died building stadiums in preparation for the showpiece event in 2022.

Blatter later responded to these claims, with quotes reported by the BBC: “I know that in the US there is an investigation against former people who have been in my government.

“There is nothing against me.”

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