Security the Future of Ireland

Photo Credit: by Followtheseinstructions

Security industry is becoming one of the fastest growing industry in Ireland in recent years. It has been estimated that over 2million people of the Irish population works in the security industry either on full time or part-time bases. The circular in an interview with David Kelly founder of “Security Team Ireland” and former trainer of Federal securities now “Noonan Security Ireland” with over 20years experience, highlights the reasons for the rapid growth of the security industry in Ireland.

Photo Credit: by Blue Sun

He says since the emergence of Ireland into the globe as a major tourist attraction, tourism in Ireland has been valued at about  8 billion euros, the need for  security has become paramount. Dublin the capital city being the major charm of attraction creates about two thousand jobs in the security industry yearly. Kelly also highlighted that in order to mentain the relative peace in Ireland, the Irish  government needs to do and invest more in the security industry. Security in Ireland has  lots of challenges with regards manpower availability along side constant in flow of immigrate, leaves the Irish state vulnerable. David Kelly noted that people living and coming to Dublin the city centres and within Ireland as a whole are ignorant of the dangers and unawareness of crime in Ireland. Therefore he advises that the Irish government needs to do more in creating better awareness.