RuPaul’s Drag Race – Your new guilty pleasure!

Rupaul's Drag Race Photo Credit - babelglyph (Flickr)

I never usually get into reality shows… but after being pestered by many of my friends to watch this program, I finally caved. This show I am going to tell you about is crazy, flamboyant and one of my new guilty pleasures.

RuPaul’s Drag Race is an American reality and completion series. “Who is RuPaul?” you may ask. RuPaul Andre Charles was born November 17th 1960 and is an American actor, drag queen, model, author and a singer. On the show he plays the roles of both host and mentor.

Think of this show being like “America’s Next Top Model”, only the models are drag queens; RuPaul is basically on the hunt to find America’s next drag superstar. Below is “Bianca Del Rio”, or Roy Haylock by his real name, the winner of season 6.

Bianca Del Rio Photo credit - aijoskobi (Flickr)
Bianca Del Rio Photo credit – aijoskobi (Flickr)

Without giving too much away, each series revolves around twelve to fourteen drag queens. We see them as themselves but mainly in drag. It is amazing what makeup can do! (It’s also pretty annoying that these men can walk better in heels than most women I know!

Here is an example of one of the loopy entrances from the show!

Each episode the drags must compete in a series of mini challenges and then one main challenge. Each week they all have their own unique and hilarious theme. They finish off by strutting their stuff on the runway, but one is kicked out each night.

The show usually has a hilarious judging panel with RuPaul and Michelle Visage (who you may know from Celebrity Big Brother) along with weekly celebrity judges.  Past judges include Jessica Alba, Mel B, Jordan Sparks, Adam Lambert and many such as Ariana Grande are meant to join in the current season.

Many of the queens from various seasons have even had performances in some of Dublin’s biggest gay bars such as The George and The Dragon.

In 2014, “TV Guide Magazine” ranked the series as one of its best television series of the year.

The show isn’t being aired in Ireland/the UK as of yet, but will be coming to channel “truTV” in June 2015, starting with season 4. RuPaul’s Drag Race is currently into it’s 7th series, and can usually be streamed online. All previous series’ can be found on Netflix, and trust me; you’ll do a serious binge watch. I never even got the hype around Drag Queens or the show before I watched it, but this is just really easy, fun, light hearted TV.

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