ROSA Protest March 7th, Dublin – Ruth Coppinger Speech: Pictures and Video

Laura Fitzgerald
Laura Fitzgerald

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ROSA – for Reproductive rights, against Opression, Sexism and Austerity held a protest rally in Dublin on Saturday 7th March.

The rally, organised to coincide with International Women’s Day on Sunday, heard from a number of speakers from ROSA, the Trade Union movement and SOS (Survivors of Symphysiotomy).

On the repeal of the 8th Amendment, co-founder of ROSA, Laura Fitzgerald said ‘we’re trying to pressure the Labour Party to call a referendum in the lifetime of this government – women can’t wait any longer.’

Among the speakers was Socialist Party TD Ruth Coppinger who echoed the call for the repeal of the 8th Amendment and also for the Catholic Church to ‘get out of people’s personal lives’.

See footage of Ruth Coppinger’s speech below:



Photos and video: Shane Cosgrove

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