Republic of Telly Skit Plays Out the Sad Reality of the Same Sex Marriage Debate

Republic of Tellys latest skit is about a man named Felix Bollard, a homophobe who felt hard done by in Irish society today and subsequently became an activist against anti homophobia. Throughout the skit Felix makes statements about being gay and what the acceptance of same sex marriage would mean for Ireland or indeed the world.

This is all of course a play on recent events in our shamefully stunted country and rings true with many of the crazy arguments being made at the moment. We even see Felix going to schools to demonstrate the plight of the homophobe and the struggle for acceptance, much like the IONA institute has been doing where parents have had to call their children’s schools to complain and students have been walking out refusing to listen to the ridiculous and destructive messages they’re sending.

I saw this skit was uploaded shortly after I had been in the car listening to RTE 1 radio where they had an interview with a member of the IONA institute who was talking about how difficult it is today to be a homophobe and how we need to protect them and their views first and foremost. Much of what that women said plays out in the skit and while laughing at Felix’s ridiculous statements you cant help but feel shocked that there are people like that been given hugely important platforms to promote their views, and that most of which are in line with Mr Bollards.

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