Political Leaders, The business class Vs. The masses: Depreciation of Economic Development in Nigeria & Pakistan

Lavender Odinaka Ekweremadu

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Quit Screwing Up Our Political Process!


It’s no longer news again that every nation has both the political leaders, the business class and the masses, For every nation to function, it needs a  political structure and in those structures it needs good leaders who can contribute to good leadership in order to provide needs for the masses.

For every country, a public figure is expected to deliver his/her promises, at least the business class should be able to contribute to the development of its nation. One of China’s richest men and experienced entrepreneur  ‘Jack Ma’ says that “When you have one billion dollars, thats not your money thats the trust society give on you because they believe you can manage the money better”.

Corruption has also played a larger role, in depriving the masses of their wants and needs. How can a political leader for a country be corrupt and then deceiving the masses that he/she is fighting what they are  involved in as well..Makes no sense.

Furthermore,  last year in Pakistan the prime minister ‘Nawaz Sharif’ had to step down after the supreme court sacked him after traces of corruption was attached to him. The Atlantic states that “For Sharif, this ends a 35-year career in politics that saw him elected prime minister and unceremoniously removed from office three times”. Realistically speaking as a man in power for about 35 years its expected at least to have made some legit money, why involve yourself in such negative activities.


Nigeria also has a similar corruption activities to Pakistan as to the depreciation of good life for its masses. Being a public figure doesn’t guarantee or allow anyone to take what is meant to grow a country.

Finally, a lot of public figures round the world choose to do what they what because they have the power and this must stop because as anger begins to loom around these countries the future may be pilled with rebels against the government which would always lead to war. Everyone should remember that power and money doesn’t last forever.

If Government must continue to be legitimate power to its people, then they must be able to abide by a federal rule of law. Corruption happens everywhere in the world, i’m in no way in support of corruption but a country who embezzle  a nations wealth and don’t have good economy and a country who embezzle money meant for its masses have good economy there is a clear difference, to summarize this please i advise people to watch ‘Beast of no nation’ it feeds a lot of information to the world to both the Government and its people. Lets not wait till the world start experiencing things like this in the movie below.

The way forward for any country is to have good leaders who are educated and care about the masses. Every politician’s personal interest should be everyone’s interest as well so that the nation can move forward.