Poetry: Heather Brett and Noel Monahan talking about this enchanting art

Picture of a book with a feather and a flower on top of it
Book and flower

 There are no pockets in the Habit when you die, you can’t bring you wealth with you and the mystery of life is still as strong as ever, so you need poetry very much now than ever before to stay alive.

There is always a magic in this moment, holding it in your hands, cracking the spine, slowly opening it and the smell of print, sometimes of old print, taking over the air around you.

Then the words are neatly placed on the page in front of you, as if they were sitting on the shelves of the tidiest supermarket in the world.

These same words were carefully chosen, it is not every word that could have the privilege to fit, it is only the ones that perfectly match each other, as if the humans’ belief about soul mates could be represented in that page. The words match, forming a kind of melody that easily flows through your mind when you are reading it.

A book of poetry, the magic happens even before you laid your eyes on the first word.

In a documentary, two acclaimed poets talk about this art in Ireland, about their work, read some poems and tell us what the future of poetry may be. Enjoy it!



The poet Kate Morgan wrote about writing poetry. Click to check it out!


This documentary was created as an assignment for the Masters Journalism Course in Griffith College. No funds or money were involved and it is not for commercial use.

I would like to thank Heather and Noel for agreeing in giving me the interview.

Also, I do not own the copyright for the songs (even though mostly are not copyrighted). Here are the credits for all of them:

Nocturne, Op. 9 No. 2 in E-Flat Major – Chopin
Silent Night – Kenny G
Deora Ar Mo Chroi – Enya
Celtic Song – AdrianvonZiegler
Only Time – Enya




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