Pleasure Beach playing at the Academy - Photo Credit: Raphael Guillet

Pleasure Beach playing at the Academy – Photo Credit: Raphael Guillet

The first time I saw Pleasure Beach was at the Academy for the Hard Working Class Heroes and they put on a really good show. 15 days later I had the pleasure to see them again supporting Ezra Furman in the same venue and they killed it again, I would have paid a full ticket just to see them play.

The Belfast-based band seems to be influenced by many great artists and bands: Arcade Fire, Bruce Springsteen or even Dire Straits but with the addition of synths and other modern pop influences like the Naked and Famous they create a really engaging musical atmosphere.

Since the 23rd October 2015 you can stream their debut EP called Dreamer To The Dawn, which includes 3 songs.

‘Go’ which was originally released in May 2015, it features a crescendo of great guitar riffs and banging synths which ends with the gentle voice of the singer. This song is definitely destined to played live and loud.

‘Hayley’ is the down beat song of the EP, more centered on the lyrics and the voices of the lead singer and the great addition of the backing vocals, it also features some great harmonies.

The final song ‘Dreamer to the Dawn’ was released right after their performance at the Hard Working Class Heroes, it’s the centre of the record. it’s a colourful song with a huge 80s feeling, it will make your head nod, your hips move and make you feel like Maverick about to confront Iceman, or Rocky Balboa training to fight Ivan Drago.

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