Philosophy of Minimalism

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Minimalism is a growing philosophical trend in recent years. Minimalist life; It is a way of life that provides more ability to focus, freedom of movement, improved comfort and quality of life by minimizing the material and spiritual elements in human life according to the needs.

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Why Minimalism?

We are overwhelmed with more information, product and consumption options than we can use. The reasons for this include the increasing speed of life, the increasing information intensity, product variety, abundance, and our changing shopping and consumption habits.

We consume more, work harder and try to learn more. We consume more without even knowing why. Everything else offered to us was more than now but this did not make us happier. But we live to be happy, so there is something wrong. While doing all these things; life goes on and we are constantly trying to catch up on things without having to live.  But life is beautiful when you can enjoy your main focus.

To be a minimalist is to take your time for the important things in life. Does it sound comprehensive? What is said here is that people have a hard time identifying things that are worth spending their time and energy. Being a minimalist is difficult; it requires you to be aware of what your actions mean.

No book can teach you to understand the meaning of life. However, you can determine what you should be doing by following people who are happy in their lives. Your life will be better as you become more aware of yourself and the more you understand the value of your time.

Being a minimalist right now is more important than ever because the obstacles we face in society require us to adapt. To pursue your dreams, you need to focus incredibly, and you need to take the time to exercise and read in order to protect both your mind and your health. Moreover, you need to take the time to have loving relationships and develop your skill of understanding.

Gandhi is the most recognized minimalist. He was a key leader of the social and political revolution in India, one of the greatest historical changes of all time. More than 350 million Indians have been saved from British patronage. Gandhi had no social media accounts; all he had was the idea of ​​passive resistance. In addition to understanding the value of time, he believed he would change the world.

Some of the innovative leaders like Gandhi were minimalist too: Martin Luther King, Jr., César Chávez and Nelson Mandela. They understood the power of a minimalist lifestyle and it is time for us to understand. If we adopt minimalism, we need to realize that we can easily keep the beauty of the world in our hands.

This starts with your help to analyze your actions and how these actions affect your life and those around you and require a simple question: Should I do this?

Instead of feeling sad when you realize how much inefficient time you spend, view this as a great opportunity to make your life more fun. When you focus on bringing value to your life, what you can achieve is quite surprising.

Here are some reasons why being a minimalist is the best decision you can make in your life:

  • Less stress

Just focus on what’s important when you have less to worry about; so your thoughts become less complicated.

  • A healthier body

Minimalists know that it is important to focus on maintaining the shape of their bodies, no matter who they are.

  • A healthier mind

Instead of filling your brain with unnecessary considerations, you can perform better with a good diet and a sense of accomplishment.

  • To be incredibly insightful

If we understand what we need as a human being and what makes us happy, minimalist people look at people from a different angle and know their feelings.

  • To know the value of what is happening in the world

Minimalists think that one of the best feelings in the world is to help people; therefore, they spend a considerable amount of time to improve the people around them.

  • Always smile

Enjoying the small things in life, helping people discover their potential and giving back to society in many ways makes everyone smile.

Minimalism helps you find things that make life better and understand their values. Moreover, it invites almost everyone to think that the world can change in a good way. As a result, you know how important you are to the world.