Peeling your banana – Have you been doing it wrong?

You can understand my shock today when as I sat down to eat lunch I was assaulted by a group of friends about peeling my banana incorrectly. Personally I was unaware that there was a right and wrong way to peel a banana and so I put on my research hat and made my way to the internet to see what it was I had been doing wrong.



As it turns out peeling from the stem to the bottom of the banana is in fact wrong.



The correct way to peel a banana is in fact to squeeze the end opposite the stem and then peel towards the stem.


I was skeptical at first but after one or two tries I found this method to be quicker and easier than the way I had been going about it, and as it turns out this is the same method used by monkeys, who are notorious banana experts.


While there is only one method of banana peeling that is fully endorsed by monkeys there are a few alternatives to be found advocated by various banana fanatics online although their functionality remains the subject of much controversial debates.


Are you, like myself, new to the world of banana peeling and don’t know what style to use. Comment below and join the debate.




  1. Well this explains why I have always had a problem with opening bananas! I thought there was something wrong with!!

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