We often read stories about how celebrities are effected by the paparazzi and wish they could just have a normal life. If you are any bit of a cynic like myself you’re immediate thought would be – It is a small price to pay for the money, fame and lifestyle. But in recent months I have started to take on a different perspective. Very few celebrities have been successful with receiving a court order which states the paparazzi are not allowed photograph within 100 metres but  ones that have fought long and hard. Among these are the likes of  Cheryl Cole and as of December 2013 Harry Styles. In 2011 the mother of Hugh Grant’s child also gained the injunction after she claimed her life had become “unbearable”. So if it is so bad for the celebrities themselves why should their children suffer?


Paparazzi have been referred to as “aggressive” and “nasty”. Credit: Todd Huffman


Hollywood couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard entered a heated debate this week on popular show Access Hollywood claiming the men who follow them around to photograph their children are “Pedorazzi” and what they are doing is “nasty”. She proceeded to express her fear of these paparazzi when she is trying to travel alone with her child. The two have begun a campaign to put a stop to paparazzi taking unauthorised photographs of children.


These are not the first to start a campaign of this kind. In 2013 Monsters Ball actress Halle Berry encouraged Californian lawmakers to make harsher penalties who photograph children without parental consent. Berry testified before a judge in 2013 saying her daughter and been scared and intimidated by the paparazzi that follow her regularly. In a statement released at the time by Berry’s publicist she claims these people are “overly aggressive” and have caused her daughter so much “trauma”.

A bill was passed by state senator Kevin De Leon that boosted penalties for those who harass or take unauthorised photographs of children.Prior to the bill passing,  Alias actress Jennifer Garner also spoke out on the matter in 2013 claiming her and fellow Actor husband Ben Affleck considered taking their kids and moving out of California because the paparazzi had become so unbearable.

Jennifer Garner , One of the celebrities who openly spoke out against the paparazzi. Credit: US department of Education (Flickr)

Jennifer Garner , One of the celebrities who openly spoke out against the paparazzi. Credit: US department of Education (Flickr)


the work that Garner and Berry succeeded in differs to Kristen Bell’s work at the moment as she in encouraging people to not buy photographs of celebrity children. So far it appears she in winning this battle , media outlets such as People’s Magazine , JustJared.com and Entertainment tonight have made a public declaration that they will not purchase or publish any unauthorised photographs of children.


What do you think, should the paparazzi be allowed to photograph the children of celebrities?