Paracetamol is dangerous for your health, then find an alternative

Image Credit: Sam-Cat / flickr
Image Credit: Sam-Cat / flickr
Image Credit: Sam-Cat / flickr

Headaches, stomach aches, too much drinking … There are multiple reasons to take paracetamol. It is cheap and there is no need for a prescription, thus, millions of families use this drug as a first aid medicine. For a long time, paracetamol was seen as a safe medication, and for most of us, it is the accessible painkiller. It is no surprise if it is the most widely used medicine in the world.

Mind you, a few days ago, the Annals of the rheumatic diseases, a scientific journal, published a study. The researchers revealed the danger of taking paracetamol in the long term. Stroke, renal failure and gastrointestinal bleeding are among the risks.

Professor Philip Conaghan, of the Leeds Institute of Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Medicine, said: “There’s no reason for mass panic but people should be careful when taking it long-term and doctors should seriously consider other drugs to be administrated to their patients”.

No need to be afraid then. Paracetamol becomes dangerous if taken more than two weeks in a row and if the dose exceeds 3g a day. So why not test some other remedy?

Have you ever heard of Arnica montana? This mountain meadow flower has been used to ease muscular ache, reduce inflammation, heal wound and to treat pain in general since the 1500s.

Image Credit: aimee rivers / flickr
Image Credit: aimee rivers / flickr

Herbalists claim that a garden filled with plants of all kinds is a better place than a pharmacy. Boiled rosemary should cure your headache. And if it’s not enough, take some chamomile with peppermint.

Dandelion is good for stomach aches and bromelain can be used as an anti-inflammatory, and so on. But homeopathy and herbal remedies might not be your thing.

What is your thing then? Massage? Of course, everyone loves massages! Adding a little bit of tiger balm will ease your pain almost instantly. Rubbing your temples will help a lot in a case of a headache. But it also works on the bronchial tubes if you can’t stop coughing. Almost each part of the body can be treated with a nice massage.

Many times, it has been testified that watching TV or any screens is bad for people subject to headaches. Turn off all of your screens, get some fresh air or take a nap. There is no better cure against pain, we all know our bed is our best friend anyway.

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