With the rapidly changing science and technology development in the recent year, our lifestyle has totally changed by it. Researches and developments have been going on in all over the world to make our life better. Can you imagine what will be our future lifestyle look like?

Future of glass technology Photo Credit, Anton Martynov (Flickr)

Future of glass technology Photo Credit, Anton Martynov (Flickr)

Nowadays, people are doing more things on the go, this is evidenced by the advent of smartphones and tablets. The consumers are expecting more advance technology day by day. The devices nowadays are expected to be touch-friendly, responsive, lightweight and durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear.

Future of glass  technology - Home

Future of glass technology – Home Photo Credit, Macy Blomeley (Flickr)

Corning corporation are making ‘A Day Made of Glass’ possible. They invented a type of glass called ‘Corning Gorrila Glass’, it set the standard for tough, thin cover glass. Corning also continues to advance the technology and deliver new attributes.

The ‘Gorilla Glass’ technology allows people to stay connected through a virtual world at their fingertips. It is a world of mobile communication and connection, and it’s a world made of glass.


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