The rapid and recent awareness on fitness all over the world is no surprise. A lot of people have realized the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. The health and fitness industry all over the world are booming and as a result, more people are conscious of their overall well-being, both physically and mentally.

 Residents of Dublin Ireland turned out in thousands at the Phoenix park to participate in the annual operation transformation 5k. The operation transformation 5k is a health and fitness television program that began in January 2008.

The super colorful event organized by Dublin City sports & well-being partnership, athletics Ireland, sports Ireland and HI (healthy Ireland) had 5000 registered participants from all over Ireland run with the operation transformation leaders. Leaders of the hit television show Cathal, Paul, Pamela and Siobham were at the front of the crowd for take- off.

On site was also RTE star and host Kathryn Thomas.  The emotional run started off with a support speech from leader Jean Tierney who left the television program weeks ago after discovering she was expecting a baby. Also, at the front line was leader Donegal paramedic Cathal, who last week on the television series talked about his mental health struggles.

Photo Credit: Chimamanda Idongesit

The race took off in five batches after a mass warm up, with all registered participants wearing a race number, the first wave was all runners,2nd wave was mixed with both runners and joggers, 3rd wave was for joggers/walkers, the fourth wave was just walkers then the 5th wave was for walkers and buggies.

St Johns’ Ambulances were made available and trained paramedics present, in case of any emergency.  Last Lap Café was also present to provide refreshment to participants as well as families that came to support loved ones.  Eurospa gave out free gifts to everyone present at the run.