One Second, One Day.

Capture One Second, One Day

Days have somehow slipped by and I am now in my final week of my final year of college. It got me thinking about the precious moments that we have.


A friend of mine, Ciaran O’Connell recently captured one second of his day for the whole year and featured it into a must watch inspirational video. Ciaran created a video of the most simplistic moments of his day and put it together to share and remember.

Something so simple and incredible, it already has 2,652 views on YouTube. Take a look…


With so much going on each second of the day, if they are good or bad, there is no way that we can remember every single one of them. Ceasar Kuriyama, gave a TED talk about his reasons for capturing a second of his day, every day. He says that “Visualization is  the way to trigger memory”.


Ceasar makes a valid point about technology these days. He describes how people at a concert are watching it through the recording of their phones, and not really enjoying the event itself. Where as, if they took a few really cool, life-remembering second recordings instead, they could visually trigger their memory that way while living the experience itself, and I could not agree with him more.

Here is one of his One second, One Day videos.


And it’s not just the good times that you should try and capture, but also the bad ones. The bad seconds are there to make you appreciate the good ones, and it is important to remember them just as much.


You can visit Ceasar’s website here…

So would this not be amazing if everyone decided to use their camera that they carry around in their pockets every day to actually capture that one second and be able to remember it?

What do you think about the idea? Would you try to record a second of your day for a year?

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