In the 80’s, in the days before seatbelts and car seats, before the N11, before the M50 was even a twinkle in a ministers eye, I was a child and my dad was 10 feet tall and drove a Peugeot 605 Estate.  What a man and what a car.

The 1980's were class - Photo Credit: The authors mam

The 1980’s, when shoes were too small and tv’s had dials, when dogs had puppies under the stairs and you could buy your dad cigarettes in the local shop – Photo Credit: The authors mam

This video is 57 seconds of such a journey, taken out the window of that peugeout 605 of the Irish countryside on the way to Enniskerry.  I’m pretty sure there are about eight people in this car on the day, some of us stuffed in the boot if memory serves.  What an era.