NYSC in Nigeria: Expectations not met.

Lavender Odinaka Ekweremadu

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The National youth service corps is a one year experience scheme in which the Federal government has set for Nigerians to get mixed and unite as one. By posting people from the their original state of origin to other cities. What i hear from the older generation of individuals in their 50’s and 60’s are that during their time the programme benefitted them and it was a great experience for them to the extent that some most of them acquired jobs after the service of loyalty to the country.

Nigeria is a country with an estimated population of about 194 million citizens and that seems like a challenge with the Nysc programme currently ongoing in the country as it as not met expectations of its masses. According to Ojodomo Ogu who is an ex-copper states that “The agency where he posted to flatly turned him down and that the reason for his rejection was because of the lack of provision of the stipends based on the 2017 budget” another ex-copper named Chioma Agabsi states that “She was rejected because of flimsy excuse of lack of vacancy.

This programme was created to make sure Nigerians can unite with different people from different culture, state and family background, and after that everyone should be able to get a job or start up a business at least with the help of the government, but once again the expectation of this programme has not been granted successful. If you finally get to meet friends, and socialize whats next then?

The Nigerian citizens deserve some answers. Does it mean that the Nysc agency don’t know that these offices would reject coppers  who are Nigerians or does it mean that they do this purposely do disrupt the stay of coppers who come from states to get here then get disappointed? A lot has been said about the programme and that it needed to be scrapped off as its not favoring the masses. For example, the minimum wage per month for coppers is 19,800 naira which is equivalent to 45 euros, just imagine this and be sincere how possible is it for you to survive on 45euros per month? impossible right?.

This programme doesn’t meet up to the standard as per the population of coppers who register in this programme at the same time. Coppers who come from different states in Nigeria are not provided with good equipments causing a lot of copers to find excuses to leave the camp, everyone is meant to camp there for about 3weeks.  According to an ex-copper Titi Baba states that “She served in Sokoto in 2013 and the conditions were horrible, she ent further to say that they did not have a camp there, they use Government technical college and that the ceilings were all broken” she sounds very sad as its caused her so much pain.

The Nigerian senate has once again ruled out the order of the scrapping of NYSC programme as its included in the Nigerian constitution. If we as Nigerians must do this programme the government must be ready to change a lot of things, like better equipped facilities, like toilet and bathroom, beds, mattresses, and training because these are part of the problems why coppers refuse to go to camp. I did the NYSC programme myself so i know exactly what i am saying.

Until the dimensions of NYSC is changed, the citizens would still suffer the same consequences of not getting job after the programme which is very essential. A media consultant ‘Alhaji Isa Hussaini says that “Having Nysc in the constitution is good but the world is evolving and things are changing, we also need to change with the times and amend the constitution in line with the dynamic nature of society” he further went on to say that “It is better to remove it from the constitution  and set up an act of parliament to guide the institution.