No, Colouring isn’t just for Children!

Johanna Basford and Laurence King /
Johanna Basford and Laurence King /

Who said that colouring books are just for children ? For a few years now, colouring has become a new relaxing trend for grown-up. The practice generates wellness, quietness and also stimulates brain areas related to motor skills, the senses and creativity, wrote The Huffington PostGloria Martínez Ayala, a psychologist, explained that colouring has a de-stressing effect because when we focus on a particular activity, we focus on it and not on our worries. But it also “brings out our imagination and takes us back to our childhood, a period in which we most certainly had a lot less stress.” This leads us immediately and unconsciously to welfare, exposes the specialist to The Huffington Post.

Johanna Basford and Laurence King /
Johanna Basford and Laurence King /

Johanna Basford’s first adult colouring book, Secret Garden, was translated into 14 languages and sold more than a million times. Her success started four years ago when she posted free desktop wall papers online. “For years people have been telling me that they would like to colour my monochrome creations, so I pitched them a colouring book for grown ups,” she told BuzzFeed News. “At that time colouring for adults wasn’t the global trend that it is now, so they were understandably a bit skeptical”. The ex-commercial illustrator for Nike and Absolut Vodka has just released her second book Enchanted Forest. She is now working on her third one.

(“There is no age for colouring”)

The French edition company Hachette that has published their first colouring book in May 2012, explained that people are constantly working with screens. When they come back from work, they need a break from all of this with real paper.

I have tested adult colouring book after an intense day in class in order to see the effect of this new activity on me. My first master piece was quite simple:  a tree without too many details. For this drawing I used only six well sharped pencils. Some people prefer felt pen but I think that pencils offer more shapes possibilities. There are also less aggressive and more poetic (but that is just my opinion). I started colouring at 5pm. My work was finished one hour and a half later and I was unbelievably relaxed. All the tension of the day and the stress were gone. Now I am proud to say that I am a colouring addict. Have a look to my work !

My master piece - Leslie Bourrelier
My master piece – Leslie Bourrelier

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