Monday is no one’s favourite day. It rears its ugly head far too quickly and then the day can drag by, leaving you on your 3rd cup of coffee by 12 o’clock; questioning how you will make it through 5 days before the weekend comes around again. The thoughts of bed by 8 o’clock can seem appealing, but if there is anything Dublin City knows how to do it is salvage an evening, and Monday night is no different once you embrace it.

If there is anywhere to go on a Monday night for dinner in Dublin, it has to be Skinflint, a pizza place on Crane lane, just off Dame Street. Although pizza may not always be your first call of dinner choice, Monday nights are 2 for 1 on all pizza at Skinflint, which means you and your date can share two pizzas and a starter (I recommend Mac’n Cheese serrano ham cups) all for under the 20 euro. It is an absolute bargain.

Skinflint is a sister of the restaurant Jo’ burger and in the same vain the food tries to be as Hipster as possible. The pizzas are rectangular, on a flat, thin crust and come with toppings such as peach and cream on the “Lil ver 1.2”, smoked pimento on the “Dorothy” (which I’m pretty sure is just paprika to us lay folk) and with cheeses called Pecorino and Fontina, but don’t let that scare you off. When it comes down to it these are just delicious pizzas with a bit of bravado! Where they say “pangrattato”, you and I would say bread crumbs, espelette chilli is just a red chilli pepper and e.v.o is…. Well actually I’m at a loss there! Furthermore, one of the best thing about eating pizza at Skinflint is the option to smother it in honey from a pot provided at each table. The combination is incredible and you will wonder how you didn’t realise this sooner.

Next point of call for a Monday night in Dublin has to be The Monday Echo, at MVP on Upper Clanbrassil Street. Although a bit of a trek from Dame Street, view it as an enjoyable stroll past Christ Church and St Patricks Cathedral to help work off all that pizza you just eaten. If the thoughts of the walk are too much for you there is always the even handier option of hoping on the 54a from Dame street, which leaves you directly across for MVP just before it goes over Harold’s Cross bridge. There is nothing pretentious about this pub, with its own description summing things up perfectly, “A pub. No fuss”. Just on the outskirts of the city centre, it manages to feel like your local, regardless where you live, with its Dog Friendly policy, timeless pub décor and laid back friendly staff making it the perfect place for a quite one whatever the day.

The Monday Echo, takes place upstairs in the pub, and is a show case for both songwriters and spoken word artists, who each preform 3 or 4 pieces each, with an open Mic section concluding the night. A 2-euro donation is asked for, which is more than reasonable, and the small room upstairs does be jammed with poetry fanatics to supportive mothers alike, creating a great buzz and encouraging atmosphere for all performers. The acts range from spoken word performers to rap and acoustic sets and even those with a humble knowledge of poetry or spoken word, can’t help but be inspired when watching artists with passion, hone their art and preform in such an intimate setting. Embrace your Monday night and your chance to see the next Dylan perform; kiss an artist, never text them back and have an angry piece performed about you for the following week.