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Why are we human? …. Is it because we gaze at the stars or because we gaze at the stars that we are human…. pointless isn’t it? But the boy thought of it when he was about to drown at the age of six when he went to Shangri-La (heaven on earth). Well as her mother told him he was a very naughty kid from the start, but he changed a lot when he grew up into a sensible young man (that’s what he thought).

He was a creative little boy who tested it on his own self sooner or later. When he was three, he tested if man could eat from someplace else except his mouth, well he tried so when he saw bread and fried egg in his breakfast, he rolled them into small balls after a lot of effort, and then he started to put them in one by one into his ears and when his mom came she was very happy that her son has eaten his food completely as the plate was  empty. Well in the night, he started crying as he had a lot of pain in his ears, then came mom to the rescue. She was very nervous and went to a doctor who was astonished at how the boy stuffed the food in his ears. But as the time passed, he gradually stopped experimenting on his own self and started it on others.

One day he was watching her mother stitching clothes on her sewing machine and was fascinated that how the sewing pin moved up and down and bind the cloth together: his mother was busy in sewing clothes and did not notice him sneaking up towards the sewing machine. He had fast reflexes or so he thought he wanted to test it by putting his finger in front of the sewing needle and pulling it back before getting touched by the needle and then he tried it. Unfortunately, his thoughts were wrong and he still has the marks of the sewing accident on his finger.again had to go to the hospital for the regular fixing which happened quite a lot with him.

The boy was very fond of catching mice, which ran under the carpet of his house, it was not because he lived in such a place filled with mice but because the mice had to move in the house as it was warm and the temperature outside was less than – 10-degree centigrade. But, they did not know that the cold was not their only predator there, the boy used his father’s tools to catch them and his favourite tool was the plier. He used to catch them from their tails, and after showing it to everyone in the house, he threw them outside the house to come back right in, so he could have the same fun again.

He was a little different from the others when they used to wet the mattress in the night, he would wake up, even when he was as small as three years old to go to the toilet alone, so he could have a good night sleep. When he started going to school, his mother started teaching in the school. His mother was a lady who was very kind at heart and very simple; she was both loved and respected by people around her. She was a woman who wanted to groom her children well and wanted them to become good human beings and with her dedication and efforts, she full filled her parenting duties exceptionally well. The boy was a menace when he started growing up, he picked up fights and was very emotional, he used to get angry at trivial things and fight with his siblings.

He was blessed with two brothers who both were better than most of the siblings anyone would expect. His elder brother was a kind shy fellow and was very loving and caring, he was bit more emotional than normal and used to get hurt or offended by people every often as a boy,  till he passed his teenage ,then he got to know the tricks of the trade and came to know “how the cookie crumbled”.

The elder brother was the boy’s mentor who taught him a lot about the world that how to live in it and how to shape his life! His younger brother was a go-getter, he wished, and he fulfilled it by any means possible. Well, the boy loved his brothers more then he could ever love any of his friends. His elder brother taught him and taught him well that a brother is a brother and a friend is a friend, a friend might leave your side, but a brother will protect you till his last breath. But later he came to know how the world can change relations….

For a young boy, the first hero is always the father and same was the case with this boy, he used to look up to him for guidance and direction. His father was a gunnery officer of the armed forces. He was the kind of gunner officers who were known for K.L.M. (keen, lean, mean), but he was not mean as he was a person who took decisions and stood by them. Father tried to change the system for the better, but the human nature is reluctant to change and he had to face many hardships but he never backed down and use to say to the boy that “The word IMPOSSIBLE is not in my dictionary” and he proved it!     (to be continued)

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