Maintaining Healthy Skin during Winter Months

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Winter Weather on our Precious Skin

Throughout the year we are given the tiresome never ending job of maintaining flawless, healthy skin, especially during the cold winter months. For some this is near to impossible, with factors such expensive treatments and products standing in our way of looking like Kendal Jenner or Ryan Gosling.

The days are getting darker and colder which is affecting your skin in many ways. Your skin is getting dry and rough, lips are chapping and depending on the severity of the weather outside, skin can even flake, crack, or hives or eczema can emerge.

The constant back and forth between dry cold air outside and dry warm air inside can dehydrate your skin, leaving it dull and unhealthy.

However, if you take the following advice you will sport summer skin beneath your layers of sweaters and scarves.Winter Skin, cold harsh weather

How to Maintain Healthy Skin during Winter Months:

I got the chance to pick the brains of beauty expert and skin care specialist, Josephine Byrne, on how we can protect our skin from the unavoidable winter weather. Here are her top tips to maintain radiant skin.
  • Firstly, we will tackle dry skin. In the colder, dryer months, every water molecule becomes precious. Do not use water that is too hot or too cold. Either extreme heat can injure or damage the outer layer of skin, as its function is to retain moisture in the skin. Immediately after cleansing, while you have those freebie water droplets, apply your suitable moisturiser.


  • Secondly, it is the all-important moisturiser. You may find it hard to believe, as you scrape frost off your windshield in the mornings, but funnily enough, the sun still shines in the winter. When choosing your moisturiser be sure it includes a high SPF. SPF or Sun Protection Factor, is a measure of how well a sunscreen will protect skin from UVB rays, the kind of radiation that causes sunburn, damages skin, and can contribute to skin cancer. During the winter months, consider applying moisturiser up to four times a day for maximum results.


  • To counter the dry heat indoors, which does not do any favours for your skin, consider buying a humidifier for your home or workplace. This can make a huge difference just by increasing the amount of water molecules in the air around you. Equally, if you don’t want to slash the cash there is a homemade remedy. If you have a flat top heater in your home, wide enough to place a glass of water on it, this is the most simple, very effective and easy way to humidify your home. The concept is very simple; you just need to get some water back into the air
There’s more…


  • Stay hydrated. Drinking eight to ten glasses of water per day is great for your body overall and for your skin. It all goes back to trapping that moisture. Alcohol and coffee are mild diuretics, and too much of them can prevent your hydration efforts. Drink water along with your cup of tea or coffee, and down a glass of water for each alcoholic beverage. This habit will both help your skin and ease your hangover.
Just two more…
  • Avoid using lipsticks and other lip cosmetics which contain strong chemicals. An effective home remedy it to apply a small quantity of coconut oil to the lips frequently during the day. This helps to soothe dry lips and relieves tenderness.


  • Hot water robs skin of moisture, causing dry skin. So, no matter how much you long for that steamy hot bath, turn down the temperature. Also, avoid showering more than once per day, and try your best to keep showers as quick as possible.


If the above solutions do not help battle the winter weather contact your GP or a dermatologist. Help is at the reach of your fingertips, do not let the winter weather beat you.

For any women who love learning about how we can improve our own skin and look after it, and many more tips, I would recommend Bobbi Brown: Beauty Rules. You can purchase this beautifully illustrated book online for roughly €14.

Ivona Poljak wrote for The Circular an excellent piece on where to find cheap cruelty-free cosmetics in Dublin? You can check that out by clicking here. 

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