Love Life!

'Love Life' in Taiwan

‘Love Life’ is initiated by the Taiwan artist Chen, Christine Fan of a public service advertisement about care for disadvantaged children.


'Love Life' in Taiwan
‘Love Life’ in Taiwan

from left to right :Christine fan, Jia-wen, Yi-hua, Chen, Dora, en-hong

“How did the Ward 93 and Love Life project begin ?”

Osteosarcoma is a tumour that forms in the skeletal system. It mostly happens during  adolescence, averaging at 16 years old. Osteosarcoma mostly appears around the knee cap and is easily misdiagnosed as sports injuries which results in delay of treatment. Ward 93 mainly admits children with terminal cancer in Taiwan, it is a children’s cancer ward.

In 2009, there was a lot of negative news about suicides in Taiwan. They started “Love Life” project because the country were losing too many young lives at that time. When Chen and Christine fan visited the kids at ward 93, they had an inspiration to shoot a short video, and let these kids’ story have a chance to change another person’s life. At first, they did not plan for it to be for commercial used purposes or as a documentary, they just want to encourage people to love life.

“If there was only a little bit of time left in your life, how would you face it ?”

Recordings from the cancer victims:

“I am Jia-wen. I am 15 years old. The doctor said I only have a little bit of time left, but I really love my life, I really want to live.”

—— Jia-wen

“I am Yi-hua. I am 13 years old. I was once a champion figure skater in Asia, but the doctor said I have bone cancer. I am going to try very hard to live because I love my life. ”


“I am Dora. I am 13 years old. I really love music, but I might not have a chance to play the cello for my mommy and daddy again.”


Their cancer has spread all over their body, but their love for life is endless. They are all little warriors of Ward 93, even though they only have a bit of time left. After finished advertising, Chen and Christine fan felt that they need to do something for those disadvantaged children, so they took three years to record the life of these three girls.

Jia-wen is the oldest sister at Ward 93, she is very mature. Her mother had died before she was diagnosed with bone cancer, it was really unacceptable for her family to receive such a bad news. She is just a young girl but has to face such a problem. When they promised to watch the TV premier together on April 4th, Jia-wen did not wait until that day and she left on February 25th. Even though Jia-wen’s body was going through extreme pain, she has never shed a tear. She even participated in the ‘Love life’ project and encouraged other people to value their life. She shows us the love life spirit. I hope Jia-wen can be a happy angel in heaven.

Yi-hua was once an Asia champion figure skater, than she was diagnosed with bone cancer. She did not give up her life, instead she faced every obstacle courageously. She possessed the sportsmanship spirit, which is never give up. Thank you Yi-hua, for helping so many people. Thank you Yi-hua, for showing us the spirit of love life.

Dora  and her parents were already doing volunteer works for brain tumour patients before she got the cancer. They would often go to Ward 92 and play the cello for them. So even after Dora got sick, they would still volunteer to perform at the nurse’s station. Dora was very clear of what she was going to face when she was admitted into Ward 93, she knew what she was up against. Dora is a very special and brave girl, she has been through 11 surgeries and over 30 chemo treatments. She is always smiling and happy. The doctor often come to her and ask her to encourage the new patients. She does not have to use say much, the cancer patients were encouraged by her presence. Since Dora was 5 years old, her mother taught her cello and piano. She is a very talented girl when it comes to music. If  she did not get the cancer, she would have become a very successful musician. Although Dora’s life is short, but she has helped a lot of people with her story. I think that is what touches everyone’s life most.

‘Love Life’ is not just helping people who need a spiritual lift but also to help the disadvantaged children. Their lives are no longer useless; they don’t just lie on their beds everyday and waiting for chemo treatment; their lives can actually encourage others even by helping other people. For death, everyone has a different idea, and everyone will die eventually, and it is just a matter of when it will happen. From these girls stories, we can learned how to cherish every minute of your life.





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