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Magazines over magazines. The moving out date comes closer and you slowly begin to get an overview of all your belongings. Not too long ago I came across an article in an old issue of Neon magazine. My realization: Interesting cover stories ensure that one keeps a magazine.

“Are you Living, Or Just Existing?” (Wohnst du noch, oder lebst du schon?), is the translation of the german slogan of the furniture manufacturer IKEA. Selling “to live” as a comparative of “to exist” may be possible in advertisement – in reality however the way we live is a part of our life. A part of it, which betrays a lot about us. A slight detour in to the own four walls.

Photo series of my own “twelve walls”. Photo Credit: Luisa Germer


IMGP1831 IMGP1830 IMGP1840





Beyond the question what a beautifully arranged balcony or a devastated, left-behind room tells you about others, it is simply important to sleep in a comfortable bed and not having to pay a lot for rent.

HomeShare Ireland – What is that?

Homeshare Ireland brings people who need support and people who need accomodation together to achieve something that is vital to both, without great cost to either.

Presently HomeShare Ireland is dealing with enquiries from Limerick, Galway, Dublin and Wexford. This project is a great opportunity for students to access an inexpensive accommodation and even more for the old people that offer their living space and are happy about every company.

To read home share stories click here.

For those of you, who have to find accommodation in other cities or who prefer to pay a little more but don’t have to fulfill obligations for it are recommendable homestaybooking, daft and airbnb.


If you have any other recommendations or stories that you would like to share, please feel free to comment underneath.

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