Life Lessons We Learned From ‘How I Met Your Mother’

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1. Legendary

In the wise words of Barney Stinson, every day is legendary if spent with your best friends. Barney encouraged Ted from their first encounter at McLarens bar to live life to the fullest (which we experience in almost every episode) and he was right!

2. Bro-mance, bro-code, br-ibs, bro-ath

Yes, another equally inspiring idea by the man that is Barney Stinson. Barney revolutionised bromance and took it to a whole new level with his different ways of displaying his love for his bro, Ted –  by inserting the letters ‘br’ before almost every word in the English dictionary.

3. Love is hard -especially if you are Ted Mosby

If there is one thing we can learn, love is hard. We watched Ted Mosby struggle for 9 years to find the woman of his dreams. Ted, the quintessential romantic, only wanted to find the perfect woman and get married, however his quest was probably the gloomiest of all. Every break-up lead him to believe that he was destined to be with Robin and made him doubt why they ever broke up. Nonetheless, all his experiences and heartaches led him to find the ‘Mother’ herself, a little ways down the road.

4.The Naked-Man

If you are finding it difficult in the love department – just strip.  This phenomenon came to light in Season 4 Episode 9 where Mitch seduces Robin with the naked-man technique, a bold and desperate move when a date has gone awry. This in turn influences Barney, Ted and Lily to put Mitch’s method to the test. However, with a two in three success rate, one person is left unsuccessful…

5. Americans really do love to mock Canada and its inhabitants

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. Oh Canada!

 6. Lebenslangershitzsalshatz

‘Life long treasurer of destiny’ … Apparently! This catchy phrase came to light in Season 8, where Claus explains his reasons to Ted for not wanting to marry Victoria. Do well really have that one person out there – our lebenslangershitzsalshatz?

7. Interventions are necessary

There are times in our lives when we watch our friends succumb to ridiculous habits, yet we are too afraid to say something. Wouldn’t an intervention just be perfect?

8. We all need a playbook

Barney’s plays have become ‘legendary’ so to speak. We have all told a little white lie in order to impress someone at some stage or another. Perhaps Barney took the ‘white lie’ to a whole new level though….

What was your favourite moment from the hit TV series?

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