Cycling and mountain biking is a fun way to see the countryside while boosting your fitness. Here is a quick guide to knowing the basics of your mountain bike needs in order to get the best out of your rides.

Choose a mountain bike to suit your cycling needs – Photo Credit: Robert Lynn

If you are taking your cycling off road then you need a bicycle that will meet the needs of the mountainous terrain you aim to tackle. Whether it’s gentle woodland riding or big mountain spins, there’s many forms of mountain bikes on the market, which can add to the difficutly of deciding which one’s best for you.

Featured here is a Mondraker Dune Enduro mountain bike. Emphasising on the word enduro, the bike has been built with all-mountain riding in mind. The overall combination of chassis, frame geometry, suspension, gearing and weight ensure that this bike climbs every bit as efficiently as it descends.

From the trailhead carpark, an enduro bike will offer strong climbing abilities and then when you want to descend it will soak up every rock, tree root, jump and the steepest of hills with relative ease.