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Kid Cudi

“I’m definitely down to work with him [ScHoolboy Q] whenever!” says Scott Mescudi AKA Kid Cudi. Photo: Seher Sikandar / CC BY-SA 2.0 / cropped and colour edited

The actor and former G.O.O.D. Music artist answered questions on the popular social media site, Reddit, Thursday morning. Here’s what Kid Cudi had to say.

The full thread from Kid Cudi’s Reddit “Ask Me Anything” thread is here, but if you just want the top 10 questions and his responses, have a look below.


QUESTION #1 from tnarref: Somebody asked ScHoolboy Q in his AMA (Ask Me Anything) a few weeks ago if he’d like to work with you. He said that he does, and suggested that he tried to contact you and that you didn’t even answer.

What do you think about Q and were you aware that he tried to contact you to work on something (if that really happened of course) ?

Kid Cudi: Yeah – I like ScHoolboy Q a lot. Unfortunately I don’t recall ever getting a request, but I’m definitely down to work with him whenever! I had to clear the sample to “hands on the wheel” and I was really blown away and flattered that he used my words in his song. So yeah, I rock wit’ him.


QUESTION #2 from Futurebucks: Is Cleveland still the reason?

Kid Cudi: Of course.


QUESTION #3 from CrashAndBurn69: What would you say is the biggest difference between the Scott who made “A Kid Named Cudi” and the Scott who made “Indicud” is?

– Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi: Way more mature. There’s a lot of growth that’s happened. I’ve experienced a lot and survived a lot. There’s a level of maturity that wasn’t there before.


QUESTION #4 from lebronjamess: You got any jams in the Need for Speed soundtrack/movie?

Kid Cudi: Yes. A song called “Hero” featuring Skylar Grey. And it is SICK! It plays at the end of the movie.


QUESTION #5 from DatKnewKnew: Seeing as you’ve shown a desire to expand outside of hip-hop, what would you say your favourite non-hip-hop album is?

Kid CudiPink Floyd – The Wall.


QUESTION #6 from WZRD10: I’m gonna be excited to see you act in Need for Speed. What brought you into acting?

Kid Cudi: It’s always been a passion of mine. My first real gig was How to Make It [in America]. The creators saw a vision for me and saw as a part of the show early on. It fell into my lap in a good way. Things have been working out organically.


QUESTION #7 from Stoltz3: How many times did Aaron Paul call you a bitch while filming Need For Speed?

Kid Cudi: Ha ha ha! ZERO!

Kid Cudi

Photo: Dana Beveridge / CC BY 2.0 / colour edited

QUESTION #8 from HWB33: Need for Speed looks great, I can’t wait to see it! What was different working on a major blockbuster like this as opposed to Goodbye World?

Kid Cudi: It really wasn’t any different other than the fact they were two separate genres. One was an action film one was a dramedy, so to speak. There weren’t many stunts to do. Every day was pretty relax opposed to Need for Speed where the intensity was heightened – I was in a helicopter doing aerial acrobatics and in Goodbye World I was housed in a cabin in sweats. Haha.


QUESTION #9 from DirtyStanBoozie: Has there ever been anyone you’ve worked with that you were nervous about meeting?

Kid CudiAaron, for sure. And Dominic Cooper – You should check out Devil’s Double if you haven’t! It’s on some other shit!


QUESTION #10 from TouchingNipples: What is the Kid Cudi mission statement?

Kid Cudi: I don’t necessarily have a mission statement. “The truth shall set you free” is my motto and I apply it to all aspects of my life.


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