Keywest – A Band That Never Stops


 Photo credit: Keywest

It is almost impossible not to notice them. A band that plays around the streets of Dublin gets the attention of almost every habitué that passes them by. It’s because of the killer combination they possess – unbelievably catchy songs, amazing sense of rhythm, the ability to capture your attention and good looks. These five lads are taking over Dublin’s music scene.

Whether they are playing in Henry Street or in a completely sold out gig, their passion for music doesn’t fade away. Completely opposite, their love for music seems to be growing by every minute. And so is the number of their fans.

This Dublin based rock band is comprised of Dublin and London born guys – singer Andy Kavanagh, Andrew Glover on a rhythm guitar, Sam Marder on bass, Jimi Lock on lead guitar and Harry Sullivan as the drummer.

Even though they are all European, they gathered as a group on their trip to Los Angeles. Soon, on their gig in Florida, the name Keywest was born.

After returning to Ireland, guys found out how hard it could be for a band to make a living out of their gigs. That’s why they decided to make people happy by performing on the street.

From the second they strike their first chord, Dublin crowd can’t get their eyes and ears off of them. And it seems people can’t get enough of them.


Photo credits: Keywest

Keywest have released two albums up until now and their new, third album, is on its way. The one thing that could describe this band are breath taking light, easy and romantic sounds taking over their first two albums. No wonder fairer sex makes the majority of their audience.


It seems this band never rests. When they are not on tour, they gather around and play for everyone willing to stop and listen. And, apparently, everyone does.



Photo credit: David Doyle

Unfortunately, their latest gig scheduled for 29th March in Vicar St has been sold out. But, no worries, you can still find these lovely energetic guys playing around.  Just take a walk around Dublin’s busiest streets and follow the sound of “Electric Love”.

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