Jealous Gold: How a music blog should operate

With music streaming sites like Pandora, Spotify, Hype Machine and iHeartRadio dominating the majority of playable content available online today it seems nearly impossible for local, start-up music blogs to gain any attention. But an underground blog based out of Chicago has found a different outlet to take in the name of musical discovery and exploration.

Jealous Gold began as a platform for sharing music with friends more quickly and in an online format but quickly evolved into a way to discover new talent not only from Chicago, but also around the world.

Nick Viaña and Mikey Thomas derived the name from the blog’s fundamental mantra of showcasing undiscovered artists while not being devoted to any genre of music.

“We want to encourage new talent and creative musical exploration,” Nick Viana said. “We insist on supporting mainly unknown & upcoming artists that aren’t noticed by the general public.”

Jealous Gold features any undiscovered music from electronic to hip-hop and everything in between whether it be: chillwave, witchhouse, synthpop, shoegaze and vaporwave.

“Genres lose their shape and new micro-genres can appear anywhere a collective of people share a similar idea or sound,” Viaña said. “Music discovery becomes a witness to the ways we expand how we comprehend what “music” is. At any given moment there is someone making something no one has ever heard. For that, my music exploration continues.”

Jealous Gold releases compilations free for download with new artists and also friends of the blog to showcase their talent and provide a summation of the best music from the site every few months. Many artists on the previous Gold compilations 1 & 2 released tracks exclusively for Jealous Gold. The next volume is set for release in June.

According to Viaña, he spends nearly eight hours a day searching for new music, curating the site and keeping all of the writers in touch with the latest music that is being released.

“I believe one of the fundamental purposes of blogs are to provide positive exposure for musicians and to help music flourish,” Viaña said. “Any unknown musician not affiliated with a label relies a lot on self-promotion to get their name out there; blogs provide a helpful hand to those musicians, allowing them another voice to be heard from. Which leads me to believe that blogs should not demote any musician, if a blog doesn’t like someone’s music they should just move on, not waste their time writing an insulting piece.”

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