Travel and photography goes hand in hand. When we travel we want to capture the beauty and the unique qualities about the place we visit. We want to come home with memories of our amazing experiences and to capture the true beauty of the things we see.

I am in no way a professional photographer, but when I travel, I always want to get the best photos possible. While I do have a digital SLR camera that I absolutely love, many times I’ve only got my iPhone on me. Therefore I often end up taking photos with my phone, which works really well if I for instance want to upload it to Instagram right away.

Travel Photography - Photo Credit: Bernal Saborio

Travel Photography – Photo Credit: Bernal Saborio

Over the past years I have learnt from my mistakes and picked up some tips and tricks along the way, so here are my best tips along with some really inspirational Instagram travel pictures to help you capture your next traveling adventure even better. Whether it’s somewhere exotic or you are exploring some place closer to home.

  1. Pack lightly. Lugging around a long list of photography equipment can be exhausting and impractical where airline weight and baggage restrictions are concerned. Therefore I would recommend bringing your handy little phone, and maybe spicing it up a bit with some cool lenses from Amazon or Ebay.
  2. Find good light. Next to the subject, the most important part of every picture is the light. It affects the appearance of everything you photograph. The best light of the day is always the two hours before sunset and the two hours after sunrise. Obviously this isn’t always possible, but always try to walk around the subject you are photographing and look for the angle where the light looks best. Never, never, ever use the built in flash. The quality and placement of LED camera phone flashes is terrible and it almost never makes anything better.
  1. Pay attention to detailsTurn your camera away from the easy to spot characteristics of a place and look for more obscure details to photograph.
  1. Change your perspectiveNo, this isn’t meant to be some sort of philosophical look at photography. I literally mean, get on the floor or shoot from above your subject. Different angles make things interesting.
  1. Subject out of the centreUse the grid (open camera app > options > grid > on).There is a concept in visual arts called the rule of thirds. The basic idea is to keep the dominant part of your subject out of the very centre of the photo. But all “rules” in art are meant to be broken, so sometimes it just works to have the subject in the dead centre. More about the rule of thirds.

Three quick specifically for your phone  

  1. Take your photos with your phone’s camera.  Don’t use the Instagram camera. The resolution is not the best. Import the photo from your camera album into Instagram instead.
  2. Use the focus feature by tapping on what you want to be in focus. You can also adjust the lighting in the photo by doing this.
  3. If you plan to post your photo to Instragram, use the square photo feature. That way you can make sure everything will fit.

Instagram Travel photographers worth following:  

Travel Photography - Photo Credit: KIERSTEN @theblondeabroad

Travel Photography – Photo Credit: KIERSTEN @theblondeabroad

Travel Photography - Photo Credit: Chris Burkard

Travel Photography – Photo Credit: Chris Burkard

Travel Photography - Photo Credit: Kirsten Alana

Travel Photography – Photo Credit: Kirsten Alana

Travel Photography - Photo Credit: Kate McCulley

Travel Photography – Photo Credit: Kate McCulley