In Bed with Comedy YouTube Group Chaps Eye

Chaps Eye is a comedy quartet who make spontaneous YouTube videos based around college life and Ireland’s drinking culture. The group is comprised of Eoin Lyons, Fergal Costello, Niall Cutler and Oisin Bickley. The guys met in college in IADT and have smashed an impressive 100,000 views on their You Tube channel.

I sat down to interview two of the guys (Niall and Fergal) for a short video documentary. It’s clear to see that the guys have a good idea of what they’re about and what makes them unique from other YouTube comedians. People often compare them to Hardy Bucks, but Chaps Eye’s comedy is somewhat more intricate, with elements of surrealism and downright nonsense added in by the bucket load.

Throw banter, drunken anecdotes, friendship and the craic into a blender and out comes Chaps Eye. Best served? Ice cool.



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