Hungry? Here is a map of Dublin’s best doughnut shops and where to find them

Robert Morrissey

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Doughnuts are the latest food trend in Dublin - Photo: Aungier Danger
Doughnuts are the latest food trend in Dublin – Photo: Aungier Danger

At first it was coffee, now Dublin has had a rise of doughnut (or donut if you prefer) shops springing up across the city. If you thought that doughnuts were not popular before, there is even a day dedicated to the sugary goodness on 5 June every year.

But were are the best places to pick up your fix of frosted heaven or Kinder Bueno based delights? Well here at The Circular, there is a map to make it a little bit easier for you when on the hunt in Dublin City Centre. From outright shops like Aungier Danger to pop-up based Dublin Doughnut Co, there is plenty of choice.

You will have to be quick to get your hands a particular one though, as many of the shops only produce enough for one day. Which means by the time you pop into Eatyard¬†for a Dublin Doughnut, or wander past The Rolling Donut near O’Connell St, they¬†could be all gone.

Also, it might be worth mentioning many of the places recommended below also serve coffee too. Check out Vice Coffee Inc, 3fe, and more. While Aungier Danger have started selling Oreo Hot Chocolate too.

Say hello to our #OreoHotChocolate or with a double shot of espresso our half Mocha half Oreo #Moreo 🤘🏽

Posted by Aungier Danger on Monday, November 28, 2016

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