Historic Dublin – Growing up on Moore St in the 1920’s

1950's Moore St

Recently I had to find out the year my house was built. I had been told when I bought the house that it was possibly the 1920’s or 1930’s. However, needing a more accurate date I ended up on a journey through some interesting archives in Dublin city holding some very interesting information.

From Dublin City Council’s housing department I was directed to the City Archives and from there to the Irish Architectural Archives. This is an amazing, beautiful Georgian building on Merrion Square in Dublin.

I found out my house was actually built in 1891 by the Dublin Artisan Dwelling Company, as part of a development called The Coombe Scheme. The historical signifance of where I live, got me thinking about my grandmother and where she grew up, Moore St in 1920’s Dublin.

This is a piece I made about my grandmother’s expereince of growing up in Dublin in the 1920’s and 30’s and shows the atmosphere of the city in those days.