Harley-Davidson: Women can ride too!

Ladies of Harley / Urban Explorer Hamburg (Flick)
Ladies of Harley / Urban Explorer Hamburg (Flick)

               Riding a Harley-Davidson is not just a men’s thing anymore. For more than 5 years, Ireland has its own chapter of Ladies of Harley (LOH). Any woman who rides the American motorcycle, solo or as a passenger, can be part of this group. Their goal is simple: enjoy and share this feeling of freedom that riding a Harley-Davidson procures.

The 6th of january 2015, I met Therese and Val, two active members of the Irish chapter of the Ladies of Harley. “When you buy a Harley, you buy a way of life”, said Therese. Since her husband bought her first motorcycle, her passion for riding never stopped growing. Today, Therese worst nightmare is not to be able to go to work with her Harley-Davidson.

Val bought her first Harley-Davidson before she could even ride it. “How am I going to be able to drive this?”, she wondered before her first lesson seven years ago. Now, Val is driving an Ultra Classic which is one of the biggest Harley-Davidson that exist. The weight of the bike is not a problem for her. “You actually become part of the bike. It won’t function without you and you won’t function without it”.

Harley Davidson ultra classic / Maxwell Hamilton (Flickr)
Harley Davidson Ultra Classic / Maxwell Hamilton (Flickr)

Even if we are in the 21st century, riding a motorcycle is still seem has a “men activity”. “I have met a couple of assholes on the way who think that women should not ride a bike”, explained Therese. “It is only one or two incidents in the 8 years I have been riding a bike, so it is very very little”. Sometimes men are surprised when they see a tiny woman on a huge motorcycle and they tease them a little bit. But both Ladies assure that most of them are very respectful toward their passion.

You want to see how ladies ride a Harley-Davidson ? Check this video from a meeting in Jakarta !

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